Business Reports & Management

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Hundreds of reports are available in our Smart System to monitor several business metrics. More accurate monitoring will increase your business's revenue. We have included a variety of reports that appeal to a broad base of Dry Cleaners,Laundromats and/or Alteration Shops. Reports for: Customer, Orders, Clerks, Accounts Receivable, Sales Routes, Inventory, Marketing and Productivity; you name it, SMART has it all.

Most Commonly used Reports:

  • Sales & separate Marketing Report By Daily, Weekly and Monthly or Shift
  • Overdue Invoice Flagging
  • Dry / Laundry / Repair Statistics
  • Full Array of Inventory Reports
  • Storage Reports
  • Customer History Reports
  • Employee Activity Reports
  • Redo Reports
  • Expected Cash Flow Report
  • Suspected Theft Reports
  • Delivery and Valet Reports
  • Time Card Summary Report

Other Management Features:

  • Accounts Receivable with payment option
  • Customer Statements
  • Built in Letters module
  • Customer Management
  • Employee Management
  • Security Levels
  • Marketing Wizards
  • Plus Many Many Moreā€¦

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Business Reports & Management

Various reports avalable, from inventory control to sales & marketing, and many, many more

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Pickup & Delivery

Specialized mapping and routing software enables fast, efficient and reliable pickup and delivery

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Inventory Control

Complete control over inventory allows you to store and monitor the handling of customer garments

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