Frequently Asked Questions

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What impact will the Smart System have in my cleaners?
Your cleaners will look more professional. Your income increases. Your work becomes simple and accurate.
How can I increase my income?
Automatic computer upcharging. Mail occasional cards and discounts coupons to encourage customers to visit. Use of the computer will save you much time and employee wages. The case of overdue garments is reduced in number. Mishandouts and loss of garments are prevented.
Will I have a loss if the customer’s address and telephone number is not recorded on the invoice, disabling me to contact the person?
Phone numbers and addresses are always printed on invoice; and all invoices that have not been picked up for more than one month may be viewed on the screen.
What about the hassle of searching through piles of invoices when a pickup customer comes in without his stub?
The computer shows all recorded data.
What if the customer returns with a garment that had been mishanded out to him?
The computer has all invoice information in memory and lets you immediately retrieve it on screen.
What do I do when I suddenly forget the name of a frequent customer and feel awkward to ask?
You can search the Name simply by inputting either the first letter (if that, at least, can be recalled) or ask for the customer’s phone number.
Can I print the customer’s first name too?
Of course, it’s certainly possible to print out the customer’s full name; customers feel closer and more comfortable when referred to by their first name.
Can the computer remember what type of starch a customer prefers so that I don’t have to repeat asking?
The computer has all significant data on memory.
What are the types of mail I can send out to my customers?
Birthday card; Thank You card; Wedding Anniversary card. Mailing list function allows you to print label stickers for all customer addresses.
How can I determine whom my VIP customers are?
Customers may be sorted according to importance; customer’s total number/amount of sales, number of visits, and item descriptions all appear on your screen for easy reference.
How do I take care of all the many customers coming in at once?
Only the GLOBAL System’s Quick Mode” can resolve this problem.
With a computer, can I trust my employees to operate the cleaners while I leave in and out?
Due to accurate record memory of the computer, you need only to check the total number of sales right before closing your cleaners at the end of the day.
Is there any way to prevent problems caused by lost invoices of charge customers?
Even without an invoice, the computer will print for you each customer’s bill totaled at the end of the month.
Is there any easier way to do inventory and detect any orders given to customers without having cash put in the register?
Yes. With the barcode gun (optional), simply record the conveyor number and it's respective invoice number and the computer will automatically do the rest. This saves you time and labor over manual control. At any desired time, whether by month or week or even day, you can view the number of orders to see which have been picked up without having put money in the register.
How can I prevent problems, such as, missing or lost garments?
The standard system has a Tag Search function which searches for all missing/lost garments. The Tagging System is an option that allows you to print garment tags according to number of pieces. The following are printed, as well, for reference: invoice number, type of item, date of pickup, and customer name. This expedites your work time and prevents tag loss.
I think I ought to shop around before making any computer system purchases?
By all means, you should! But don’t waste too much time and money…..You won’t regret even if you make your decision to purchase now. We will provide this system to you at the most reasonable price. As an addition, you will be guaranteed the best After Service, plus you will continually receive updated programs.
What can I do if I can’t afford to buy the system right away?
We have a lease plan (18-60 mos.) for customers like you, or upon request, Global Inc. can divide the payment by 3 at no interest rate. Need more information? Call 1-847-526-1999. We will give you all the information you need. Request information here online.

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