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Why Smart?

Smart Cleaning System is the most advanced, yet easy to use Dry Cleaning computer system in the industry today. SMART Software is a fully featured, comprehensive, stand-alone or network, point-of-sale (POS) system for efficient operation of your business. SMART will allow you run your business with confidence control, and increased efficiency, which may substantially improve your business profit and customer service.

Best design-
With SMART, once a customer is selected, an Order transaction can be completed using as a few as 2 key strokes. The operation still retains the flexibility to select many other options such as Delivery, Coupon, Discount Release Statement Tag assignment, UpCharges, Storage charges, selection of due date and time etc with a few additional key strokes With SMART, the control and management of the system is at your disposal. You are not dependent on us to constantly re-write or tailor the system to meet your needs. Our powerful System Setup option allows you to change many operational parameters that allow you to tailor SMART system to best meet your Business environment.

Multi-Functional Operation -
You can actually perform pickup and mark-in functions on one machine at the same time. This valuable feature allows each system to double as mark-in and pickup station, thus reducing the number of systems needed in a store.

Easy Learning Curve -
Our system is the easiest on the market to startup. In most cases we will have you computerized in less than 2 days. This is because our system is easy to learn and logical to use. Its simplicity becomes obvious once you markin.SEE MARKIN.

Customer Centric -
Customer History and Sales ranking is displayed every time a customer is pulled up for ticketing. And also it shows the customer's trends including dollars spent, last visit, anticipated vist pattern, average visit spend, customer visit pattern, and sales pattern for each department / services.

Total Accounts Receivable Management -
In addition to tracking regular customers, our Smart System will keep track of charge, or billing, accounts. These are customers that will be able to build a line of credit with your business. These customers can be billed all at once or individually, per your preferance.

CASH Control -
The system automatically tracks pickups by the ticket, payment method, such as, cash, or credit card and by clerk. Any suspicious activity is flagged and tracked in our specialized reports.

Secure Pickup Procedure -
The GLOBAL system instantly calculates the total amount due of all bundles picked up. Pickup is also sped up since the computer display shows how many bundles to fetch and even what each bundle consists of!

Robust Marketing Features -
Smart software has many email marketing tools that will allow you to tailor marketing campaigns to reach all of your customers, whether that is through rewards points, birthday coupons, or just inviting back old friends, the smart system has tools for each scenario, plus many more.

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