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Complete Systems or Software Only
Customization Available

  • Hundreds of reports built in
  • Wireless Handheld devices available
  • Runs under Windows XP, 2000, 98, and 95.  (Dos Version also available)
  • Interface with auto valet and auto assembly 
  • Patent Pending Built in digital camera
  • Special program for Laundromats
  • Multiple Store back office program
  • Excellent delivery/valet software
  • Available in Deluxe and Lite version

GLOBAL system is a PROFIT Center for your business.  
Accurate invoices, flexible up-charging, variable price lists, cash control all add up to real money making features.

Lowest Cost System
Because of our unique Quick Mode and other time saving features, one system will suffice when others will have to purchasing multiple computers.  We suggest one computer per $5,500 to $7,000 weekly gross sales. 
Easy Learning Curve  

Our system is the easiest on the market to startup.  In most cases we will have you computerized in less than 2 days.  This is because our system is easy to learn and logical to use. 

Little or No Change from Your Existing Method of Operation  

Change nothing you are doing now.  The only difference will be dropping a ticket in the invoice printer to be priced out. 

Total Customer Management  

Track of the vital information on your customers, such as, histories, purchasing volume and charge account information. 

Multi-Functional Operation  

You can actually perform pickup and mark-in functions on one machine at the same time.  This valuable feature allows each system to double as mark-in and pickup station, thus reducing the number of systems needed in a store. 

Secure Pickup Procedure  

The GLOBAL system instantly calculates the total amount due of all bundles picked up.  Pickup is also sped up since the computer display shows  how many bundles to fetch and even what each bundle consists of! 

CASH Control  

The system automatically tracks pickups by the ticket, payment method, such as, cash, or credit card and by clerk.  

Your Own System Design  

Our features are your features.  Most of our design features come from dry cleaners like your self.  We are constantly adding new features to our product in every new release, based on what YOU, the customer requests.  


Our product is built from the best hardware available.  We know that the reliability of our product is foremost to you.  We guarantee our QUALITY and know that is unsurpassed.


Smart Auto Conveyor Finder gives you convenience and time saving operation. Smart Computer controls your conveyors as your customer walks in.  Because of this fast and accurate service, it increases customer satisfaction and sales.

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